We met Steve Cooper, President of Lake Country Geothermal, at the Wayne County Fair last summer where he had a display about Geothermal Energy. We had been having problems with the ground loop portion of our 30 year old Heat Pump system so thought we would pick Steve’s brain on possible solutions. After getting price quotes from several companies we decided to go with Lake Country Geothermal. Steve personally came to our home to assess our old heat pump system and made knowledgeable recommendations. Based on his calculations we bypassed the old, partially collapsed ground loop and installed coils and new pipe in 6 foot deep trenches. We were uniformly warmer this past winter than we have ever been and are looking forward to relief from those hot, humid days of summer when our system is air conditioning. Steve and his entire crew were professional, hard workers who were a pleasure to do business with.

Steve and His Entire Crew Were Professional, Hard Workers Who Were a Pleasure To Do Business With