Hi, I’m Steve Cooper, owner of Lake Country Geothermal. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania where I first developed a keen respect and love for the outdoors. Today, I still continue to enjoy many outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, and paddling whenever I have the opportunity. My appreciation for the outdoors has lead me to develop a strong sense of environmental responsibility and to become more committed to preservation.

After Cornell, I earned a Master’s degree in chemical engineering from Oklahoma State (before it became the headquarters of the International Ground Sourced Heat Pump Association), then spent more than two decades working in corporate America.  My desire to start my own enterprise, utilize my business and engineering background, and express my passion for the outdoors eventually led me to start Lake Country Geothermal in 2016.

Since the onset of this business venture, I have found tremendous personal satisfaction in creating green energy and cost-saving  solutions for my clients. I am also able to sometimes enjoy the benefit of working in the outdoors (although a fair amount of time is still spent designing on the computer 🙂 ) I cherish the daily commute, often through the scenic and tranquil Finger Lakes Region.  Every project is new and unique, just like the clients, their situations, and needs.  Possibly my only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner – reducing our carbon footprint one building at time.