Our client had a hydronic air handler fed by an external wood boiler. He wanted freedom to travel during the heating season and needed a system that didn’t require regular manual intervention and had remote monitoring. He also had a strong desire to do as much of the work himself to keep costs down. This was no problem for us! We’re always happy to collaborate with a client on the installation of their system.

In addition, his electrical service required upgrading. We installed a Geostar Sycamore water-to-air heat pump in his low-ceiling basement and 5-circuit signpost-style slinky loop in the adjacent side yard. (The client actually dug the trench from the basement penetration to loop to the field.) The Sycamore is variable speed compressor & blower; when combined with variable flow center circulator, it is the ultimate in efficiency & comfort, ramping up & down to match the house’s heat loss; in a/c mode, it independently controls temperature & humidity!

Quote from Client: “Steve,¬†Thank you for completely our project with professionalism and integrity. It has been a pleasure working with you and your company. I spent most of the time working with Mark, who has a wealth of knowledge and is a pleasure to work with. Thank you again!

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