Let’s take a detailed look at the economics of replacing an existing heating and cooling system with a geothermal system by running the numbers for a fairly typical situation:

Geothermal Financing

Current scenario:
A 2-story, 2400sf home with full basement; central air conditioning (SEER 12), propane-fired furnace (93% efficient) and hot water heater; occupied by family of four. From a thermal standpoint, the house is well insulated and sealed with above average windows and doors. Fuel costs are propane $2.47/gal (the NYS 10-yr average), electric $0.10/kwh.

Proposed upgrade:  
Geostar Magnolia Plus 5-ton dual-capacity ground-sourced heat pump with 5-speed ECM blower (380% average heating efficiency, SEER 21 average cooling efficiency) connected to a horizontal ground loop; 2-tank hot water system with heat pump desuperheater which provides 50% of hot water demand. Total system cost: $23,000





Estimated Annual Operating Costs($)


So the average monthly energy savings is (2080/12=) $173.

As the system qualifies for the NYSERDA GSHP Rebate Program, a $7500 grant reduces the net cost to $15,500.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the many options that we offer for financing 100% of the net cost:

Option #1:

20-year term, unsecured loan, effective APR of 7.79% →

  • monthly payment of $128
  • net cash flow is (173-128=) $45/month or $540/year for the term of the loan

Option #2:

12-year term, unsecured loan, effective APR of 5.85% →

  • monthly payment of $150
  • net cash flow is (173-150=) $23/month or $276/year for the term of the loan

Option #3:

15-year term, home equity loan, effective APR of 4.10% →

  • monthly payment of $115
  • net cash flow is (173-115=) $58/month or $696/year for the term of the loan

Both options result in immediate positive cash flow. After the loan is satisfied, net annual savings rises to $2080… and this is probably conservative as we’ve assumed no rise in propane costs over time.

BOTTOM LINE (in this example): Your geothermal system is not only affordable, it actually pays for itself and then some while you’re retiring the loan; thereafter, the savings is HUGE!  All the while, you’re enjoying a more comfortable heating & cooling system with a much smaller carbon footprint. PRETTY COOL!

An even cooler scenario is if the system cost is folded into a mortgage (e.g. new construction). Read our related blog post: Folding a Geothermal Installation into a New Mortgage.

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Financing an Existing Home Installation

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